The performance

Each performance lasts for about an hour, although on request the performance can be lengthened of shortened. Sound amplification is required for the storyteller, preferably using a headset we can provide. We can perform on small stages or even without a stage and we don’t need theatre lighting or any other specific technology. A piano should be present, of course.

Cupid in blue

Amor in Mineur

“Orpheus looked at Hades and Persephone, took his lyre and played. And he sang a song, a song that was a story about love and loss. Because when lovers are separated by death, the suffering lasts a lifetime.” In Cupid on a Low Note you will hear the story of the most famous mythical musician and lover: Orpheus. And within the framework of that sad tale others about love in all its aspects are fitted: Pygmalion, Pan and Syrinx, Acis and Galathea. Some end well, others… not so well. Just like love in real life. Many composers used the stories for their compositions. Gluck and Offenbach were inspired by Orpheus, Mouquet and Debussy by Syrinx, and Haydn by Acis and Galathea.

The Water’s Soul

Water - De ziel van Undine

“Quick as a fish Undine jumped into the water and disappeared beneath the surface. She smiled when she came back up for air. And Hildbrand, the knight, smiled back at her. Little did he know that the water would be his undoing…”

Murmurs, splashes, ripples and drops. The sounds of water were the inspiration for many composers. The Water’s Soul includes the tall tales the men and

women of the river tell each other. The sad love story of Undine, the water sprite was used by Reinecke for his composition for flute and piano. The bells of the sunken city of Ys can be heard in La Cathédrale Engloutie by Debussy. And the spectacular adventures of Sinbad the Sailor were put into music by Rimsky- Korsakov.